We all are always concerned about the air pollution outside our home. Have you ever thought about the hidden air pollution inside your homes? The emission from daily domestic activities can equally harm your health. They are more hazardous than you could imagine.

Why so? Because you spend a good amount of time indoors.

According to a study, it was found that there were 586 individual airborne substances in 52 homes in Arizona. Can you imagine the air particles in other homes around the globe?

Outdoor air has been regulated for decades, what about the air inside your homes, which you have ignored for long?

Are you breathing fresh air by staying indoors?

So, how to ensure the air inhaled indoors is safe? Well, it’s quite simple.

Bring Vyom Home Air Purifier and enjoy fresh air, every day.

Why Do You Need An Air Purifier?

In today’s era, most of our homes are surrounded by concrete buildings. The reason being is less space and more houses. In order to fulfill our dream of living in a flat or apartment, we tend to ignore the importance of proper ventilation. As a result, many of you end up owning a home without a proper ventilation plan. The areas with such poor ventilation plans are capable of catching pollutants.

Many of us ignore such pollutants considering it as simple irritants, but you must know that dust particles attract dust mites, bacteria, and viruses, which lead to allergies.

Our homes may house many dangerous gases released by the use of gas stoves, kerosene, heaters, etc. which if inhaled on a regular basis, may cause severe health issues.

So what’s the solution? Fret not. Here air purifiers come into the picture.

How Vyom’s Air Purifier Improves Indoor Air and Your Health?

Vyom’s Air Purifier removes carbon particles and provides clean air that helps to inhale fresh air. This air purifier has an air quality sensor indicator and a 6-filter purification phase. It is a portable product that is easy to use. It also removes pet odor, smoke, reduces indoor dust particles, and protects people from respiratory diseases.

Other Health Benefits of Having an Air Purifier
  • Eliminates radon gas
  • Remove triggers for asthma attacks
  • Eliminates allergens such as dust particles
  • Reduces carbon dioxide level
  • Trap tobacco and cigarette smoke & prevent for having lung disease
  • Extracts airborne asbestos particles which reduce the chances of mesothelioma development and there are many.

This World Environment Day, opt to provide a better and safe life to your family. Gift them fresh air to breathe.

With Vyom Air Purifier, solve the problem of indoor air pollution.