We live in a messed up world where there are a lot of toxins in the environment. The regular plain water that we drink might be full of invisible harmful toxins. Tap water might also lack the required nutrients that are essential for our body. We also live in a world where there is a lot of stress, junk food, and no appropriate sleep schedule.

All the above things can affect us badly, especially, it can cause acidity and the plain water might fail to control it. But, Alkaline water from an ionizer water machine brand having a quality certification can help to neutralize the acidity and keep your stomach and gastrointestinal tract happy.

If you are still wondering what are more reasons for preferring alkaline water to plain water then keep on reading.

1. Balances PH Level

The most important reason for having an alkaline water ionizer machine at your home is that the water from it will assist in keeping a balanced pH level in your body. Now if you are wondering what is a pH level then it is the level that describes the amount of acidity and alkaline in your body on a scale between 0 to 14. The higher the number, the better the quality of alkaline would be to deactivate the pepsin enzyme that is responsible for causing heartburn ( Acid Reflux).

Most of the time, plain water consists of a pH level between 6.5 to 7. Whereas in alkaline water you will always find pH levels between 8 to 10. Thus, if you are consistently drinking plain water having a pH level below 7 then it is high time to start gulping the alkaline water.

2. Assist You In Weight Loss

If you are really determined to lose weight then drinking a glass or two of alkaline water will benefit you in three ways:

1. It helps to destroy the unnecessary fat, thus giving your metabolism process a solid boost.

2. A glass of alkaline water 30 minutes right before devouring the tasty food will eliminate the unnecessary cravings as you will feel full even before starting the feast and it will also produce the required amount of fluid to fight bloating and constipation.

(Of course, you still have to follow a diet consisting of healthy vegetables and fruits)

3. Your After Workout Potion

Is your 1st day at the gym nearing? Are you sure that you are fully set with the required kit?

Because we think you must recheck the kit again and see if you have forgotten to pack a bottle of alkaline water as it reduces the viscosity and keeps the blood flow efficiently throughout the veins. Moreover, alkaline water increases the hydrogen level in your body and thus keeps you hydrated after the vigorous workout. It is like a potion that keeps oxygen levels in your body consistent.

4. Immunity Booster

In these pandemic times, it is the best practice to keep our immune system strong, and one can do this by drinking alkaline water as it helps to remove damaging free radicals. Plus, as compared to plain water, it also has lots of nutrients like calcium and magnesium that prevents bone loss.

5. Slows Down The Aging Process and Improves Hydration For The Skin

If you are wondering how you will have good quality skin for a longer time then it is all because of the amazing presence of antioxidants in the alkaline water. Plus, your skin would love it greatly as the water molecule in it is quicker to absorb compared to regular plain water. Hence, this will result in an efficient hydration process throughout the body.

6. A Knight That Fights Various Diseases

Apart from fighting against acid reflux, the alkaline water will help you fight against high blood pressure. It will try with full efforts to guard you against cancer, diabetes, and cholesterol. Furthermore, the daily intake of this water will keep your kidney health as it helps to increase the pH level of Urine.

So after knowing the benefits of drinking alkaline water, are you wondering where to buy a branded alkaline water ionizer machine at an affordable price?

Then have a look at the Vyom Alkaline Multifunctional Water Ionizer  that uses electrolysis to enhance the pH levels of water. The machine is easy to use and comes in 7 water settings. It has an LCD screen display and works with the English voice prompt function.