Gone those days when every time you would be required to press buttons to change the channels, volume, and picture mode of your Tv. The old era of controlling your Tv manually is on the edge of extinction and a new innovative era of artificial intelligence of operating your Tv by your voice has started.

Artificial Intelligence is developing at a fast phase and we already have voice assistants like Google or Siri on our smartphones. These voice assistants are now inbuilt within the 4K Ultra HD TV sets which can be commanded by a microphone installed on it or in the remote.

Here are the reasons why you should have a voice-enabled Tv in your home

1. You Don’t Have To Beat The Remote

We all have gone through hard times when the buttons on our remote were not working, and so we have to beat the hell out of it to make them work. But now you don’t have to be violent as you can switch to your favourite channel easily by just commanding your Voice-Enabled 4K Ultra HD Smart Tv. By this way, you will not miss your favourite show or a climax part.

2. Your wish is TV’s command

Whether you want to watch your favourite movie or play games or dance to the music, you can do it simply by commanding your 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. You can command your Tv to show movies or your favourite programmes available on Netflix, Youtube, Hotstar, etc. You can also listen or dance to your favourite music on whatever sound settings you want. Imagine if you want to change a song without stopping the dance, then all you have to do is command your smart Tv to change the song. You can also start your game console, change the picture mode, surf channels, control volume and more.

3. Search Nearby Restaurants

Imagine you saw an advertisement for pizza on your tv and now you are feeling hungry. So all you have to do is ask your smart television to search for the restaurants serving the best pizzas. The google assistant feature of your Tv will search the nearby restaurants and display their locations on its screen, and thus you can go out and have your favourite pizza.

4. Relive the memories of your favourite trip

So it has been more than 2 months since your last trip and now you are feeling nostalgic. You want to revisit your favourite destination via photos and refresh your memories and that too on a big screen. To make you relive the beautiful moments, all you have to do is command your voice-enabled Tv to fetch a photo or an entire album of the trip on its big screen and voila! You are enjoying the moments again.

5. Launch Apps, Check Weather and more

Do you want to enjoy your favourite App on a big screen of a 4K Ultra HD TV? Or do you want to check the current weather before venturing out your home? Then you can easily do these things and much more with the assistance from the Voice-Enabled Smart Tv.

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