Since the time refrigerators have been invented, they have made food storage, preservation, and consumption very easy. But a number of times, this key resource of our kitchen breaks down due to a few simple mistakes. Sometimes, despite a huge capacity’s fridge, space isn’t enough, a no-frost fridge keeps on leaking. Along with that, sometimes there is some odor that just doesn’t give the feeling of the food being fresh. Have you too experienced such things? If your answer is a yes, then maybe you too are making these seven mistakes with your refrigerator even if it is one of the top fridge brand in India

1. Hoarding

It is very common for households to hoard their weekly and sometimes monthly supplies. The relatively perishable ones go into the refrigerator and that is where the problem starts. Even if stocking your supplies for an apocalyptic scenario is a good idea, what about all the stuff that you had got, the previous week you had gone grocery shopping? So, the next time you go grocery shopping, make sure you have a list ready for the things that you need. And before you create this list, make sure that the things from your previous shopping haven’t been spoiled or are growing a whole new organism on their own. In short, Stop Hoarding.

2. Unorganized Storage

If you have the 4 door-refrigerator that has a storing capacity of 545 liters, and still are facing storage issues, we suggest you declutter your fridge. Try and dedicate each and every section of your refrigerator to a certain type of food and see the miracle happen. For example, if you have the Vyom 4-door-fridge, use the right side, top, which has the de-odorizer, to store your masalas. The top two shelves dedicated only to all our leftovers in smaller containers, and the two shelves below it as your dairy shelf. Below, on the right side, store all your freezing food items. Such as ice-creams, meat, etc. Repeat the same to the left-hand side and voila! You can now store a number of things here.

3. No Regular Cleaning

It very very important that any refrigerator is cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals. Ideally, it should be happening once in two weeks but, if that isn’t feasible, you must carry out cleaning at least once a month. Remove all the shelves, clean them with soapy water, dry it completely, and then place them back. This also makes sure that all the things that you have been accumulated for a very long time, past their expiration date, are discarded before anyone in your family is infected with food poisoning. If refrigerators are not cleaned on a regular basis, it is very obvious that they will start occupying more space and if they start decaying, there is a possibility of them making their own ecosystem.

4. Not Covering Your Food

Imagine this, you have closed your eyes, and you have a bowl filled with food that smells like the delicious Chinese takeaway from last night, you open your eyes and it is actually the most dreaded karele ki sabzi that made you order Chinese food last night. Disappointing, right? It becomes more disappointing when some foods either cooked or uncooked are kept in the refrigerator without covering them, the whole fridge takes on to its stench and adds it to other food creating a whole different nauseous flavor. In order to avoid that, always cover your food before storing it in the refrigerator.

5. Set The Right Temperature

Every season’s cooling need is different. If you don’t have the Vyom Refrigerator that has a smart cooling feature, you must manually set the temperature of your fridge. This helps in preserving the perishable commodities such as milk and meat for a longer time. This is obviously not an every month task but, with the change in the season, it is advisable that you check your refrigerator’s temperature.

6. Store Things Separate

One of the most common mistakes that are carried out is not storing things separately. Dedicating a compartment to a certain type of food is very important. However, along with that, knowing which food goes in which part of the refrigerator is equally important. For example, if you store meat in an airtight container in the cooling section of your refrigerator instead of the deep freeze section, the meat will go wasted. Thus, knowing what food goes where is very important if you don’t want your food as well as the refrigerator to be spoiled.

7. Not Closing The Doors Properly

Something that most of us have been yelled for by our mothers, a lot of the people don’t close the doors of their refrigerator properly. This becomes a major issue since if the door is left open even with the slightest of the crack, it is bound to bring a load on the refrigerator’s compressor. If spoiled, the replacement of the compressor can cost a lot. Moreover, if the spoiled compressor doesn’t come to your notice, there is a possibility that the refrigerator might breakdown in such a manner that it might spark a short circuit. Thankfully, the Vyom refrigerator comes with a door alarm that beeps every time it is kept open for more than 10 seconds.