We have all heard this a plethora of times that breathing clean air is exceptionally important to our health. But, what exactly is clean air? Does it mean pollution-free air? Basically, clean air means air that is free of harmful pollutants, which includes chemicals, airborne microbes, dust, and dirt.

On an average, we breathe about 20,000 liters of air every single day. Now, the pollutants present in the air are not visible to the naked eye and they tend to float through the atmosphere. So, when you breathe in, especially in today’s toxic environment, you also inhale the lethal particles. And, that’s immensely harmful for you.

The toxic particles enter our lungs through the nasal canal, causing various health issues. Some of the common conditions include;

Lung Problems

When you live in metro cities, air pollution is inevitable and even dangerous, especially for the elderly and children. It can lead to asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and more.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is not limited to smokers only. According to new evidence disclosed by All India Institute of Medical Sciences, indoor pollution is ten times worse than outdoor pollution. It causes almost 2 million premature deaths per year where the statistics show that 44 percent are caused by pneumonia, 54 percent is due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and 2 percent is caused by lung cancer. Right from the pollutants present in the air to the adhesive used on the furniture, cancer causing elements are present inside your house.

Cardiovascular Problems

When you breathe harmful and impure air for long, it increases your risk of heart diseases. Harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone can enter your bloodstream causing heart problems. In fact, particulate matter is another element found in the polluted air, which can cause negatively impact the nervous system.


Impure air might not always lead to a disease. However, it can negatively impact your overall health. Some studies show that living in metro cities, such as Delhi, Mumbai can reduce almost three years from your life-span.

Now that you know, why clean air is important? You must probably be wondering what you can do about it? Fret not! It’s actually quite easy.

  • Always make use of a pollution mask while stepping out of your house. These masks can filter the harmful pollutants and ensure you breathe in clean air.
  • Surround yourself with greenery at home. Why? Because not only will your home look posh and enthralling, but plants also purify the air.
  • Make sure your home has proper ventilation. Also, take additional precautions. For example, install a chimney or exhaust fan in the kitchen.
  • Buy an air purifier for your home. Why? Because air purifiers can effectively remove the pollutants from your home and keep the atmosphere clean.

For instance, Vyom air purifier sports a six-filter-multiple-system that gives you 99 percent of pure and clean air. It also eliminates toxic gases, pathogens, VOC and more to keep the environment of your home safe and clean.