Just how phones became smarter with time, it’s high time that even our televisions too become smart with time. However, since the time smart TVs took over the market, you as a consumer, are obviously caught in the paradox of choices. But why fear when we are here? If you too have been trying to understand how to get the best smart tv in your home, here are six things that you should know while buying a smart TV.

Screen Resolution

One of the key factors defining your viewing experience is your Smart TV’s Screen Resolution. Screen Resolution is nothing but the number of pixels required to make one picture appear on your screen. In simple terms, the more the number of pixels, the better the image on the screen. Ideally, the number of pixels should also keep on increasing with the increase of your screen’s size. For example, Vyom’s VY24HD offers a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels per second for an inch screen. This resolution increases to 3840×2160 pixels per second for Vyom Innovation’s VY55HD. Thus, making your smart tv a smarter one when it comes to resolution.

High Dynamic Range, HDR

Relatively a new feature of 4K Ultra HD Sets, High Dynamic Range is an important feature in a smart TV. It Majorly helps in better stimulation of colours. It also helps in delivering more colours, more contrast levels, and an increase in brightness as well. The HDR of a smart tv redefines the viewing experience. However, a noteworthy thing is that the kind of content that highlights this feature is very limited in nature. Even if so, OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and a few others offer content in 4K Led UHD TV as well which you can easily connect to any of the Vyom Smart TVs.

HDMI and Other Connections

The connection portals for any smart tv are very important. The number of connectable ports to your smart TV will help you in surfing more content. With a Vyom Smart TV, you get two HDMI connections, 2 USB connections, and one each of other types of connections. This ensures that there is less clutter near your TV.

Refresh Rate

For a smart TV, the refresh rate is of utmost importance. This is basically nothing but, how many times the picture is refreshed per second on the screen. For this, the unit of measurement is Hertz denoted as Hz and the standard refresh rate is 40-60 times per second or 40-60Hz. If your smart TV’s refresh rate is lesser than this, then you will face a lot of disturbance while watching. This happens because, if there is a lower Refresh Rate then while watching scenes with rapid action or changes on the screen, the picture might lag a lot. Thankfully, Vyom  LED Smart TV has a Refresh Rate of 50Hz.

Contrast Ratio

To make sure that you receive the best of the viewing experience, it is important to check any smart TV’s contrast ratio. The higher the ratio, the better becomes the viewing experience. Contrast Ratio is the range of brightness levels that Smart TV sets have to offer. This helps you in figuring out the best set of colours and other features that can enhance your viewing experience. This also helps in showcasing the smallest of the details of any picture on the screen. The contrast ratio of Vyom Innovation’s smart TVs is 10000000:1. This means that you can view the smallest of the details of any movie and/or series that you are binging.

Screen Size

The screen size of the smart tv is something that is completely dependent on you, the buyer. The ideal size of the screen should be suitable for the room that you wish to place your Smart TV Set. The screen size should ideally depend upon how close you usually sit close to your tv as well as the number of people in your house who watch the TV at the same time. If the distance between your seating space and the TV is 1.5 times the height of the screen set, then that’s a good reason to book the TV. Vyom smart TVs are available in various sizes for you to choose from.